UK Zim Businesswoman Siduduziwe Ncube Exposed in Factoring Fraud Scandal
2 December 2023
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– So, where are the invoices?

By Business Reporter | A UK Zimbabwean controversial businesswoman, known as Dr. Dee, (Siduduziwe Ncube), has been unmasked for orchestrating a massive factoring fraud scheme, leaving diasporans in financial ruin. This sinister saga has cast a dark cloud over her factoring business, *Rocheti Group Ltd*.

Did Princess Margaret know that her picture is being used to defraud victims? Dudu stands before the royal at a recent function

Dr. Dee, along with her sister *Soneni Ncube,* husband, *Tawanda Gutu*, and close confidant *George Boateng*, concocted an elaborate deception under the guise of a legitimate factoring company. Factoring, a financial practice where unpaid invoices are purchased and fees collected upon payment, was the cover for their treacherous plot.

Last year the heatwave in the UK caused a raging fire to sweep through Wennington partly destroying Siduduziwe’s daughter’s house which according to reliable sources was bought by funds scammed from unsuspecting “clients” – *Karma?

Operating under the façade of a thriving entrepreneur, Dr. Dee infiltrated various organizations, including churches and prayer groups, in a bid to gain the trust of unsuspecting individuals. She convinced her victims that she could provide operational cash to businesses awaiting payments, often from UK councils.

The face of a seasoned swindler? – Siduduziwe Ncube.

As the director of Rocheti Group Ltd, Siduduziwe cunningly presented herself as a reputable business figure, but questions have been raised about the legitimacy of her credentials, including her purported doctorate from the University of Westminster. She used her eloquence and charisma to lure victims into her web of deceit.

They say opposites attract – these two seemingly lovebirds have scammed millions of pounds from unsuspecting “clients”
| Dumisani and Siduduziwe Ncube.

However, the façade crumbled when clients demanded their returns, and Dr. Dee responded with vulgar language and excuses. She directed clients to make payments to various accounts, including Rocheti Group Ltd, Soneni Ncube’s company Vivication, George Boateng’s account, and the accounts of Soneni and Tawanda.

When Siduduziwe failed to meet her obligations on maturity dates, clients sought legal intervention and discovered that all her bank accounts were depleted. Her companies had been subjected to liquidation, leaving creditors empty-handed.

The big question now is whether there was ever any legitimate factoring occurring, or if it was an elaborate ruse. Siduduziwe’s failure to produce invoices raised doubts about the legitimacy of her business practices.

Further scrutiny revealed that money was funneled into extravagant lifestyles and real estate ventures, including a lavish lifestyle in Wennington, UK, and properties in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

This financial scandal has left victims grappling with the enormity of their losses.

Dude Ncube was contacted by ZimEye for over a 3 week period when upon being interviewed for a total over 6 hours she failed to supply evidence of some of invoices she obtained money for, despite having earlier promised saying she would do so. Not even one invoice was availed.

She was asked on the invoicing to prove to her grieving clients that she was doing factoring business and not defrauding them.

She replied saying: “..I told you I know Gery(not real name. I know Cath (not real name).

“Is he saying he did not do his due diligence before dealing with me, now that he is coming to a journalist?”

She was then asked why that should even be a matter for discussion now.

She, while sounding irritable, responded saying,

“I didn’t look for them, I didn’t advertise, they found me… and they said we want what you to do – factoring.

As the investigation continues, the sinister web woven by Siduduziwe Ncube and her accomplices is being exposed, and the community demands answers.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as the full extent of this factoring fraud scandal unravels.