VUZU Parties: Police Warn School Kids
2 December 2023
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Police in Bulawayo have vowed to crack down on illegal parties famously known as Vuzu parties and those involved in facilitating them.

Vuzu parties are social events where youths, mostly teenagers, engage in alcohol-drinking sprees, drug abuse and sex orgies.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed that the police have intercepted a message circulating on social media of a Vuzu Party set to be held in Parklands.

“We suspect that it may not only be at Parklands but some other places also. Over excitement of pens down after the exams may result in them engaging in drug and alcohol abuse,” she said.

Assistant Inspector Msebele said they are determined to crack down on illegal parties and those who facilitate them by strictly enforcing the existing laws.

“Illegal parties organised by school children pose a direct threat not only to their academic progress but also to their physical and mental well-being, hence, it falls upon us all to take decisive action and put an end to this growing menace. These gatherings are fuelled by drugs, alcohol and substance abuse, explicit sexual acts creating a dangerous path that not only distracts our children from their studies but also exposes them to harmful influences that can impact negatively to their lives,” she said.

In addition, she said curbing Vuzu parties requires a collective effort.

“We cannot expect to eradicate illegal parties and the abuse of drugs and alcohol among schoolchildren without actively involving parents, teachers, community leaders, and the students themselves. Let us work together to create a safe and empowering environment for our youths,” she said.