Masvingo Girls Arrested For Licking Each Other’s Private Parts
3 December 2023
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By James Gwati- Police in Masvingo police have apprehended two individuals following the circulation of a video showcasing themselves licking each other’s private body parts.

The video, depicting the two women engaged in explicit behaviour, went viral across social media platforms, leading to their arrest.

The duo, who were initially gaining attention for their explicit video, now face charges under the censorship act for contravening regulations that control the public exhibition of films and the dissemination of prohibited material.

The act, designed to regulate the importation, production, and possession of undesirable content, prohibits the distribution of explicit video and film material, publications, pictures, statues, and records.

The arrest follows the widespread dissemination of the explicit video, which prompted authorities to take action against the two women.

The individuals have been vocal about their actions, going online to boast about their activities and proudly labeling themselves as the “baddest girls” who cannot be stopped by anyone.

Their live video, where they flaunted their defiance, has further fueled the controversy surrounding their arrest.

Law enforcement officials emphasise that this arrest serves as a stern warning to the general public regarding the consequences of circulating explicit content for personal fame.

Authorities are keen to underscore the gravity of violating censorship regulations and have cautioned others who may be tempted to engage in similar behaviour to gain notoriety.

As the legal proceedings unfold, this incident highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to enforce regulations and maintain public order in the face of explicit content circulating on social media platforms.