Mnangagwa Lies To Whole World About Economic Situation In Zim
3 December 2023
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has emphasised the importance of creating a robust education system which solves the country’s challenges, including the climate change menace.

Thousands of stakeholders from across the world in various sectors, particularly those that deal with climate issues are in Dubai for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

With Zimbabwe being represented at varying levels, President Mnangagwa made a stop at the Zimbabwean pavilion this Friday.

In his interactions with the Zimbabwean delegation, the President spoke on the importance of the education thrust the country has taken which focuses on producing graduates who provide solutions to the country’s industrial and economic needs, including challenges brought about by climate change.

“Does your education allow you to produce a service and product? Our universities now compete in registering intellectual property. Yes, we are under sanctions but still, our economy is growing faster than other economies in our region. I went to the UZ four years ago and I said can you supper bright students and after some time we want to go to space. We must allow our children to dream,” said the President.

Turning to the climate change conference, the head of state noted how all countries despite their levels of contribution to carbon emissions, still have to be part of the solution to the climate change crisis.

“This climate change affects everyone. During the Glasgow Summit, the big boys promised US$100 billion and nothing has come.

Yet this issue of global warming we have to move with others to deal with it despite how much you contributed to pollution. We have to move with the others.

We are also carrying the blame for this and we have to find solutions with others,” he said.

Zimbabwe continues to put in place various measures to deal with climate change, including through climate-proofing agriculture through the Pfumvudza/Intwasa concept.