Mjolo Gone Wrong As Boyfriend Stabs Girlfriend’s Child To Death
4 December 2023
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By A Correspondent| In a distressing incident, Thomas Nyamhunga, a resident of Mufakose, is currently evading authorities after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend’s two young children amid a heated altercation.

The tragic episode unfolded at the residence of Nyamhunga’s girlfriend in Mufakose, Harare. According to preliminary information obtained by ZimEye, a discord arose between the couple, leading to a confrontation with devastating consequences.

The altercation, reportedly sparked by the woman ending her relationship with Nyamhunga, escalated to a shocking level. It is reported that in a fit of rage, Nyamhunga resorted to violence, ultimately stabbing the two minor children of his girlfriend. Sadly, one of the children lost their life as a result of the brutal attack.

Upon realizing the grave consequences of his actions, Nyamhunga fled the scene and has since remained elusive. Disturbing scenes from the house have circulated widely on social media, depicting a concerned neighborhood gathering to witness the unfolding tragedy. Additionally, footage captured police arriving at the residence to collect the lifeless body of the murdered child.