Armed Robber’s Pomona Company Gets Electricity Generation License
5 December 2023
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Investigation Raises Concerns Over Pomona Dumpsite Electricity Project’s Credibility.

Delish Nguwaya

An investigative report has cast doubt on the sincerity of claims surrounding the Pomona Dumpsite electricity generation project. The initiative, spearheaded by Geo Pomona Waste Management, is alleged to be led by individuals with questionable backgrounds, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the entire venture.

The key figures behind the project, including Delish Nguwaya and the Mnangagwa twin sons, are reportedly lacking in both experience and expertise in the field of electricity generation. Furthermore, the project’s leadership has come under scrutiny for their alleged involvement in criminal activities, with claims that Nguwaya has ties to armed robbery.

Delish Nguwaya with Auxillia Mnangagwa

The company’s registration, purportedly from Europe, has been exposed as a shelf company based in Germany. This discovery adds to the growing list of concerns about the transparency of Geo Pomona Waste Management and the Pomona Dumpsite project.

The Mnangagwa government’s announcement, made through the state media, highlighted that Geo Pomona Waste Management had been issued an electricity generation license by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). However, questions arise regarding the legitimacy of ZERA’s decision-making process, as the individuals at the helm of Geo Pomona lack the requisite experience and qualifications for such a significant undertaking.

The claimed electricity generation license fee of USD 32,976.00, including 15% VAT, has raised eyebrows among critics who argue that the charges seem exorbitant, especially considering the questionable credentials of those involved. It is alleged that the project aims to extract USD 40,000 per day in refuse charges from Harare residents, a move that has intensified skepticism about the true intentions behind the venture.

The Geo Pomona executive chairman, Mr. Dilesh Nguwaya, attributes the issuance of the license to the company’s participation in the COP 28 Summit, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable generation. However, critics argue that these statements do little to address the lack of relevant expertise within the project’s leadership.

As the controversy surrounding the Pomona Dumpsite project continues to unfold, there are growing calls for a thorough and independent investigation into the legitimacy of the license issuance and the credibility of those involved. Harare residents and stakeholders alike await further clarification on the true nature of this ambitious electricity generation project.- Agencies