Ngarivhume To Spend More Time In Prison
6 December 2023
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The High Court appeal by Jacob Ngarivhume for both sentence and conviction has been postponed for the umpteenth time to Thursday 7 December 2023. The reason that was given for the postponement was that there were other serious matters that the judges were attending to.

It is now eight months since Ngarivhume was sent to prison by Magistrate Faresi Chakanyuka. All attempts at getting bail have been frustrated by the state.

Today, almost a hundred people turned up in solidarity including former MDCA Senator Morgen Komichi and CCC MP for Hwange Central Daniel Molekele. The small court room was filled to the rafters and the police had to be called in to drive out those who were standing. A bigger court room will surely be needed on Thursday.

Many people other than his family and party supporters, are desperate to have Ngarivhume out of prison. Citizens are looking for leaders who lead from the front in the calibre of Ngarivhume.

After his release from this unjust incarceration, it is a no brainer that Ngarivhume will confront the ZANU PF economic dissidents masquerading as government officials. With the disastrous National Budget presented by Mtuli Ncube last week, the nation is yearning for a decisive strong opposition leadership.