“She is alive”: Violet Avoid’s husband speaks
6 December 2023
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By A Correspondent- Following reports that filmmaker and journalist Violet Avoid had killed herself, her husband, Tichaona Madzikanda has revealed that his wife is alive.

Madzikanda took to social media and said reports that his wife had died emanated from miscommunication where his wife’s friends mistakenly conveyed wrong information.

Yesterday, the social media was awash with reports that the talented film maker had killed herself due to depression as a result of a pending divorce and cyber bullying.

Violet Avoid

It was reported that Avoid. a mother of 4 young children reportedly drank rat poison a day after celebrating her 33rd birthday.

7 hours before her death, the talented film maker posted the below message and signed it off in Chinese #再见 which means goodbye.

Violet Avoid

Below was Avoid’s facebook post:


We care for our friends, we feel the need to protect them and sometimes they don’t see it . Instead they take things for granted not seeing the danger at play that not only affects them but also the one who is fighting to protect them .

If they say they do not care about dying yet they claim that if they die they will not rest then they contradict themselves . Wouldn’t it be logical to sign out before sinking in the inevitable danger ? Maybe then they would realize that not everything is worth taking for granted ..