“Another CCC member abducted”
7 December 2023
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By A Correspondent- Opposition CCC has claimed that another party member Silvester Chiundiza from Epworth was abducted yesterday and forced to drink a poisonous substance.

Silvester Chiundiza

Said Gift Ostallos in a tweet post:

Abduction Alert

Silvester Chiundiza was abducted yesterday 6 Dec 2023 around 5pm in Epworth Ward 7 and was then dumped at his residence at midnight. He was tied and only managed to say that he was forced to drink what he suspects to be poison. His body was full of mud from head to toes. He is in bad shape and is currently hospitalized. #StopTheseAbdctions#NotAnother5Years.

Silvester Chiundiza

We reported a case of abduction of our member Silvester M Chiundiza( 47 years) who was abducted yesterday in Ward 7 in Epworth.

Police have refused to accept our report arguing that the victim, who was brutalized must come and report to the police. We have deployed our legal and welfare team to ensure that our Champion is safe and Justice is served.

This is a the tragedy of a regime that lost and election and has gone after it’s own Citizens. A country where no one is safe to exercise their right.