Tshabangu Donates Two More Seats To Zanu PF
10 December 2023
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By James Gwati- Self-imposed CCC Interim Secretary General Tshabangu has handed over three parliamentary seats to Zanu PF in a by-election he triggered.

The latest additions to Zanu PF’s portfolio are Cowdray Park and Bulawayo South, clinched by Zanu PF’s Mujeyi Arthur and Rajeshkumari Modi, respectively. Notably, these victories were secured as supporters of Nelson Chamisa boycotted the by-elections.

On Friday, he donated the Mabvuku-Tafara seat, previously held by CCC, to Zanu PF’s Scott Sakupwanya of the Goldmaffia scandal.

The backdrop for these by-elections was the recall of CCC Members of Parliament (MPs) by Tshabangu, who asserted that they were no longer party members. However, concerns have been raised within the CCC, suggesting that Tshabangu may collaborate with the ruling Zanu PF to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Such a majority could facilitate smoother amendments to the Constitution, raising eyebrows about the motives behind these political manoeuvres.