Woman hauled for court for assault
10 December 2023
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In a dramatic courtroom session on Thursday afternoon, 19-year-old Debra Munsaka from Tinde area under Chief Pashu in Binga pleaded guilty to charges of assault and malicious damage to property before Hwange Magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Yolanda Kabasa.

According to prosecutors, the incident unfolded on November 29 when Munsaka, armed with a kitchen knife, went to Ntombebandla Moyo’s residence in Susumbe Village, Tinde, searching for her. Upon learning that Moyo was still at school in Tinde, Munsaka returned the next day and confronted Moyo at the Tinde dip-tank, en route to a soccer tournament at Tinde Primary School.

The court heard that Munsaka questioned Moyo about rumors circulating regarding a suspected love affair between Moyo and Munsaka’s husband, Justice Mhlanga. Tensions escalated as Moyo denied any knowledge of the allegations.

The situation took a violent turn when Munsaka, in a fit of anger, began assaulting Moyo all over her body, using a stick several times. Amid the attack, Moyo’s cell phone, valued at ZWL$250000, was smashed. A passerby eventually intervened, rescuing Moyo from further harm.

Subsequently, Moyo filed a report of assault and malicious damage to property with the ZRP Tinde Police Base, leading to an investigation that resulted in Munsaka’s arrest.

During the trial, Hwange Magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Yolanda Kabasa found Munsaka guilty on both charges. She sentenced Munsaka to six months imprisonment for assault, wholly suspended for five years, and three months imprisonment for malicious damage to property, with one month suspended for five years. Additionally, Munsaka was ordered to restitute Moyo the sum of ZWL$250000 by January 9, representing the cost of the damaged cell phone.

The case highlights the consequences of jealousy and how it can escalate into violent confrontations, emphasizing the importance of resolving disputes through peaceful means rather than resorting to aggression.