Zim Now A Banana Republic
11 December 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has exposed Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s hypocrisy.

In a strong statement, President Chamisa accused the Zanu PF leader of blessing corruption and rampant looting of resources.

According to President Chamisa, the whole system is fraught with irregularities and fraud.

See statement below…


Somewhere in a country which is essentially a Banana republic, State institutions are moved by lies.

An incorrigible criminal and fraudster engages in a criminal and fraudulent act.

A blatant lie is acted upon by and moves the whole government, the whole Parliament, the whole Judiciary, the whole Electoral Management Body & a whole ministry( Local Government, Justice & Finance).

The whole electorate and citizenry is abused and taken for fools.

A whole President is moved to gazette a fraud , criminal act and a lie!

The whole nation loses revenue to this lie in a state where hospitals have no medication, schools have no books and roads have craters of potholes.

The whole scheme is diversionary so as to shift the citizens’ focus from the stolen and rigged election! A classic case of a rapist telling a rape victim to forget about the assault and move on !!

This nation must return to majority rule and find a new national consensus through a broad based settlement and pact. #OnePeople

YOU CAN’T RECALL A CALLING…A delay is not a denial. Mkoma, don’t waste state resources for silly pursuits and foolish exploits.

We will emerge out all of this even stronger and purer. So indomitable and uncontainable

Cowards deploy and abuse tortoises! This level of cruelty invites bad omen..