Zimbabwean Man Declares Self Leader Of New State
19 December 2023
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ZCnews :

A DECLARATION of a new State thousands of kilometres from Zimbabwe’s outlying rural area of Hurungwe into the Pacific Ocean may sound fictitious and strange.

Zimbabwean-born academic, professor Webiston Jokonya, on September 5 made history after declaring a new sovereign State at the heart of the world’s waters.

The new State is called United Republic of Delvin (URD) and has only 36 registered citizens so far.

URD was formed from what was known as Howland Island, located just north of the Equator in the Central Pacific Ocean, about 1 700 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu. It is just 160 hectares big and also lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

It was unclaimed and uninhabited until 2023
when it was declared a country or sovereign
State by Jokonya.

Jokonya (45) was born and raised in Hurungwe, under Chief Kazangarare, about 70km north of Karoi. In his declaration speech, Jokonya, as the first Prime Minister of URD, said his dream had come to reality. –

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