TD Jakes Seems to Respond To Allegations Using A Mix Of Hypnotic Music, Scriptures, And Emphatic Self Assurance, “I’m Fine”
26 December 2023
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By Religion Editor | What’s in the hypnotic music playing in the background and Biblical scriptures being splattered around when all you need is to address one small question? The revered Pentecostal motivational speaker, TD Jakes, has finally responded to allegations of sexual misconduct by clearing himself, but doing so utilising the same communication technique he used while defending the late disgraced preacher, Eddie Long



His church staff members have so far dismissed everything accused of the man.

It seems the same communication skill used by the disgraced Uebert Angel spiritual father, the Nigerian Chris Oyakhilome who defended his divorce case by announcing saying there is no way he can sin, because no man of God floes against God.

Oyakhilome said:
“I understand there are some media houses particularly in Nigeria and maybe in South Africa.

“There are many of them who have been writing stupid things, very stupid things, frivolous charges. That’s crazy.

“No man of God does something against the Lord, no. A man of God is set on course, there is a type of life that he is given.”

It could easily be that these three events concerning different preachers are totally unrelated in incidence; But the respected preacher, TD Jakes uses exactly the same communication technique in the latter two charismatic mega church contemporary leaders’ circumstances.

Accompanied by soothing instruments in the background, TD Jakes blows out over swirling allegations as he says he might not be a perfect person, but he did not do the things he is being accused of.

Jakes seems to respond to the #Diddy allegations, choosing a church sermon for the task. He starts off by saying he won’t address them, but in the sermon, he later cries and speaks concerning people he says are stabbing his back.

He draws the crowd “to what I am going to say,” but then changes saying, ” All of you who expect me to address a lie you can log off.”

Jakes starts by juxtaposing themes between God’s Truth, and his own- his personal testimony over the misconduct alleged by his accusers. He does not seem geared to offer his audience an understanding of the distinction between God’s honesty and his own, and at this stage, many simplistic minds could easily conclude that Jakes and God Almighty are one and the same person.

“I will not use this sacred pulpit on this sacred day to address a lie when I could preach the Truth,” he says.

He goes into a poetic monologue saying, ” I will stand straight up, head up, back straight, and preach the unadulterated and infallible Word Of God, because that is what the pulpit is for,” he says, to some loud screaming from the crowd.

The mood is however soon switched off until TD Jakes bounces back again to start addressing the very same things he at the beginning said he would ignore.

He says, “but there will be a time, ” he adds.

In the middle of the sermon, he tells tells others, “forgive yourself for who you are not; you can’t spend the rest of your life for things you can’t change, and God I believe will strengthen your shoulders before you leave this room.”

He then immediately expounds a struggle he says he suffered throughout the week saying there was a terror threat, ” You know what I was really worried about it all week,” he says.

He adds, ” Our terror threat is at its highest level, and I spent by week making sure that everything that we needed was in place in case there was an attack… “

The most notable statement is one of self assurance as Jakes says he is not nervous. He says: “You can’t do this 50 years and ain’t been a fight, I’ve been in a storm. I’ve been under attack. I am fine. He that is with me is more than all those that are against me, I am fine. Glory to God Helleluyah. Let’s lift up the Name of Jesus. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for being concerned about me. I can feel you, i can feel you, I am okay, come on, come on, I am good, I am good, I am good, I am good, I am good, because I know the truth. When you know the truth you ain’t got to be nervous… you ain’t got to be uneasy. You ain’t got to be in trouble.”