Why Is Hopewell Chin’ono Insulting Auditors Simply Asking Name Of His UK Financier of The Unreaceable Loan?
29 December 2023
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has lashed out at journalists amidst escalating controversy over the origins of his wealth. Chin’ono, who initially claimed a £50,000 credit for a sports car in 1996 as the springboard for his property empire, has now shifted his narrative, leading to intense public and media scrutiny.

In a recent Facebook post, Chin’ono vehemently defended his success, stating that journalists asking questions over his untraceable figures, are jealous of him.

One of the scribes is his own former employer, Geoff Nyarota he has failed to supply the most basic answers since a 2021 interview published by Newsday.

Said Chin’ono in part: “But sadly, some rotten apples in my profession are so envious and bitter such that they create stories to justify why I made it, and why they didn’t.” This statement is a direct response to the growing doubts about his earlier account of receiving a £50,000 credit from an undisclosed UK institution or company in 1996, a detail crucial to understanding his rise in property ownership.

This credit, as per Chin’ono’s earlier statements, was pivotal in redirecting his focus from luxury to investment, influenced by advice from his mentor, Dr. Tendai Maboreke. However, Chin’ono’s recent assertion that his wealth actually stemmed from a mobile phone business a decade later starkly contradicts this narrative. The lack of transparency regarding the UK lender and the sudden shift in the story of his financial ascent has cast a shadow over his claims.

Chin’ono’s aggressive approach towards journalists and critics questioning the inconsistencies in his story raises further doubts. His characterization of these inquiries as driven by envy and bitterness, rather than addressing the substantive issues at hand, diverts attention from the need for clarity and factual accuracy.

The situation is further complicated by allegations of credit and cheque fraud, along with claims of misconduct dating back to his high school days. These unresolved issues, coupled with the recent contradictions in his wealth narrative, demand a deeper investigation into the true origins of Chin’ono’s assets and his professional conduct.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the public remains in search of concrete answers. The central question persists: What is the true source of Hopewell Chin’ono’s wealth, and how does it reconcile with his varying accounts over the last 29 years? His recent remarks on social media, while dismissive of his critics, have only amplified the calls for transparency and a thorough exploration of his financial history. READ THE FULL STORY HERE