Hackers Target Zim Websites 
3 January 2024
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By ICT Reporter- Technology programmers have reported an increase in cyber attacks targeting Zimbabwean websites, notably those lacking SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption.

 This surge in hacking activities is believed to be motivated by political differences, a trend that has become increasingly prevalent locally and internationally.

This has been noted by a local ICT engineer, Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi, who below describes this problem and offers solutions: 

As from the 1st of January 2024, it seems hackers have been targeting Zimbabwe’s websites considering the number of calls we have received so far.

To bolster cybersecurity and curb these attacks, organizations in Zimbabwe are strongly advised to adopt SSL/TLS encryption, a globally recognized security protocol that safeguards data transmission between web servers and users’ browsers.

SSL/TLS encryption, although not specific to any country, serves as a crucial security measure globally, ensuring the protection of sensitive information such as login credentials, financial details, and personal information. 

It is imperative for individual domain and website owners in Zimbabwe to take immediate steps in implementing SSL/TLS to fortify their connections and protect user data.

Several factors contribute to the slow adoption of SSL/TLS encryption among Zimbabwean organizations:

  1. Lack of Awareness: Some website owners may not fully grasp the significance of SSL/TLS encryption and the potential risks associated with unsecured connections.
  2. Cost and Technical Barriers: The implementation of SSL/TLS involves obtaining and renewing SSL certificates, incurring costs and requiring technical expertise. Small businesses or individuals with limited resources may face challenges in acquiring and maintaining these certificates.
  3. Legacy Systems: Outdated systems may lack built-in support for SSL/TLS encryption, necessitating complex implementation or significant system upgrades.
  4. Development or Maintenance Neglect: Website owners, in some instances, may have neglected to update their websites or failed to prioritize security measures, including SSL/TLS implementation.

Domain and website owners across Zimbabwe must recognize the critical importance of SSL/TLS encryption and promptly take measures to implement it, safeguarding their domains, emails, websites, and users’ data. Additionally, web users are advised to exercise caution when accessing websites lacking SSL/TLS encryption, especially when sharing sensitive information.