University Introduces Degree In Witchcraft
3 January 2024
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The University of Machakos is expected to launch a Witchcraft Degree

The University of Machakos is expected to launch a Witchcraft Degree, setting a milestone as the second institution in the world to give the same.

Speaking during the launch, the Vice-Chancellor said that tens of students had already been drawn by the course and the University planned to leverage local capital to make the course a success.

In the greater Machakos County, we have a lot of indigenous expertise that can be harnessed for the benefit of society and this is the first step towards incorporating this knowledge. We hope that this course will help young people and the younger generation so that valuable historical and cultural knowledge is not missed. Kenyan university launches degree in Witchcraft to help students to study and have a degree in witchcraft

The four-year course, scheduled to be launched in April 2021, will be held under the auspices of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and is subject to acceptance by the University Education Board.

With lecturers from Kenya and other areas, such as Zanzibar, Haiti and Mexico, the course will include various approaches. It would be a residential course so Covid-19 should not be frightened of an inexperienced Witch, with many courses being held at night.