ZRP Call for Missing Mukuru Employee
6 January 2024
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By James Gwati | **Kariba** – The Kariba Police Department has launched an extensive search for Blessed Chanetsa, a 23-year-old agent working for the money transfer service Mukuru, who has mysteriously disappeared along with US$15,181. The funds, reportedly designated for client disbursement, vanished on New Year’s Day, sparking an immediate investigation. In a press statement released Friday, the police expressed their deep concern and urged the public to provide any information that could lead to locating Chanetsa. The statement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) read, “The ZRP is looking for a Mukuru employee, Blessed Chanetsa (23), who went missing with US$15,181 meant for disbursement to clients in Kariba on 01/01/24. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is requested to report at any nearest police station.” The disappearance of Chanetsa not only highlights the issue of missing persons but also casts a spotlight on the security measures employed by financial institutions, particularly in the money transfer sector. The incident raises significant concerns regarding the safeguarding of client funds and the potential risks involved in such transactions. As the police intensify their search efforts, the broader implications of this incident are becoming a topic of discussion among industry experts and clients alike. Questions are being raised about the adequacy of existing security protocols within the money transfer industry and the potential repercussions for clients who are now left in uncertainty about their funds. The situation remains fluid, and updates are expected as the investigation progresses. The police have appealed to the community to remain vigilant and to come forward with any information that could assist in resolving this unsettling case.