ZBC Bosses, Presenters Fired Over Anti-Ndebele Broadcast
10 January 2024
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By- The Information Minister, Jenfan Muswere, has fired the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) board and two presenters over a broadcast denouncing the Ndebele tribe.

This development follows a startling revelation on live television, where two presenters, Farai Juliet Magada and Victoria Manase, claimed that Ndebele King Lobengula Khumalo traded the nation’s mineral resources to British imperialists in exchange for sugar.

The fallout from their controversial statements has led to the suspension of both presenters, who not only asserted the partial justification of colonialism but also perpetuated the unfounded claim that King Lobengula sold the country to the United Kingdom for sugar.

Sources cited by The NewsHawks suggest that Muswere ousted the Dr Josaya Tai-led board due to various concerns, including performance, oversight, and corporate governance issues at ZBC.

Additionally, the allegedly divisive remarks made by the two female presenters played a pivotal role in the minister’s decision. An insider revealed:
“The minister (Muswere) has dismissed the ZBC board and directed the acting ZBC chief (currently standing in for Adelaide Chikunguru, on holiday leave) to suspend those two ignorant presenters who are peddling old tribal myths and lies on national television. Their show was scandalous.”

Adding a layer of intrigue, it’s noteworthy that one of the presenters, Magada, was previously entangled in a controversial Robson Mhandu sex scandal at ZBC.

In a twist, a viral video clip captures the presenters discussing historical issues, including the end of apartheid in South Africa in 1994.

Describing the conversation as trivia, they delve into topics like South Africa, colonialism, and slavery.

However, it was their remarks during this discussion that ignited public outrage.

The dismissed ZBC board, chaired by Tai, comprised Thomas Bvuma, Tsitsi Dangarembizi, Heliate Rushwaya, Dorothy Mabika, Devnanda Popatla, Reverend Thompson Dube, and Brian Mutangandebvu.