Basic Mining Guidelines
11 January 2024
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Mining is a complex industry that requires careful adherence to regulatory procedures and safety measures. Below are the essential steps one must follow after registering a mine with the relevant authorities.

  1. Appointment of a Manager:

Complete the manager appointment process at the Ministry of Mines.Fill out the provided form with necessary details.Submit required documents, including your ID, IDs of appointed personnel, mine registration certificate, and the last inspection certificate.

  1. Appointment of Blaster:

Hire an individual with recognized training and experience in blasting.Obtain a relevant blasting license through the Ministry of Mines.

  1. Apply for Explosives Storage and Purchase Licenses:

Ensure your explosives magazine has been inspected and approved.Apply for licenses to store and purchase explosives.

  1. Magazine Room:Construct a dedicated room designed for the safe storage of explosives.

Ensure the magazine room complies with safety regulations and standards.

  1. Mine Register:

Maintain a comprehensive mine register where all employees are officially registered.Include full details of each employee in the register.

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):Depending on the level of mining operations, conduct an EIA.This assessment is facilitated through the Ministry of Mines and may require the involvement of a consultant.
  2. Returns:

Detailed returns regarding mining activities need to be submitted.Specific guidelines and requirements for returns will be outlined by the regulatory authorities.

  1. EMA Report:

Provide a detailed report to the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).This report should cover environmental impacts and mitigation strategies.

  1. Gold Registration:

If your mining operations involve gold, ensure proper registration is completed.Follow the specific procedures outlined for gold mining registration.10. Mining Books and Information:

Maintain accurate mining books containing essential information.This includes details on production, safety records, and any incidents.Adhering to these steps is crucial for the smooth and legal operation of a mine. Regularly updating records, following safety protocols, and staying in compliance with regulatory requirements contribute to the sustainability and success of mining endeavors.

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