Masvingo Prophet Declares 2024 Year Of S*x, Claims God Says Zimbabweans Not Having Enough S*x
11 January 2024
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By A Correspondent

Amidst the spiritual forecasts for 2024, notable spiritualist Prophet Isaac Makomichi is advocating for increased intimacy among Zimbabweans, suggesting individuals engage in intimate moments more than six times a day.

Makomichi asserts that many are neglecting their loved ones due to time constraints, leading to strained relationships and broken marriages.

He emphasizes the importance of couples spending quality time together, fostering communication and understanding.

The controversial preacher encourages those in love to engage in more intimate activities, emphasizing that such connections strengthen the bond between partners.

According to Makomichi, this aligns with God’s desire for harmony within Zimbabwean marriages.

Expressing concern over the perceived breakdown of marriages, Makomichi urges every Zimbabwean to engage in intimate activities at least six times a day, believing it prevents lustful tendencies and reduces the likelihood of adultery.

Known for his unconventional miracles, Makomichi faced criticism from rivals who accuse him of occult practices. Despite controversies, many credit him with resolving their issues through prayers, Ghana love potions, and alleged healing abilities.The spiritual leader also expressed his concern about God’s displeasure with the lack of intimacy among Zimbabweans, stating, “If a man faces challenges in this aspect, he can contact me at +263777469342, and I will provide assistance for him to engage in intimate activities 7 or 8 times a day.”

While some view Makomichi as a wizard rather than a prophet, testimonies abound of people seeking his spiritual guidance, attributing positive changes to his interventions.

One such testimony comes from Abel, who claims Makomichi saved his marriage by enabling him to increase his intimacy frequency.

Makomichi’s message aligns with scientific research suggesting that frequent intimate moments between couples contribute to longer-lasting relationships.