Facts Prove ExQ Bigger Than Gaffa & Jah Prayzah
12 January 2024
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By an ExQ Fan – Excluding legends like Alick Macheso and Baba Charamba, ExQ stands tall as arguably the most consistent Zimbabwean artist in terms of longevity.

To provide context, ExQ’s musical journey began with the hit song “Musalala” in the year 2000, predating the rise of artists like Winky D and Jah Prayzah.

A pioneer of the Urban Grooves movement introduced by the legendary Delani Makhalima, ExQ emerged alongside a notable generation of artists, including Decibel, Leonard Mapfumo, Roki, Roy and Royce, Honey Vibes, David Chipfunyise, and Sani Makhalima, among others.

In a groundbreaking move around 2006-7, ExQ became the first Urban artist to collaborate with the legendary Oliver Mutukudzi on the track “Pane Rudo.”

This marked a significant milestone not only for ExQ but for Urban music as a whole, challenging perceptions and winning over critics who had dismissed Urban Grooves as “bubblegum music.”
While many artists have come and gone over the years, ExQ remains a consistent force, producing hit after hit.

His ability to masterfully adapt to ever-changing music trends has kept him relevant in the industry.

Some of ExQ’s notable hits over the years include: “Musalala,” “Pandakakuona,” “Ndichakutevera,” “Mazirudo,” “Hauchambondifonera,” “Tanetsa paHarare,” “Tezvara varamba,” “Bhachura,” “Aleluya,” “Vanoreva nhema,” “Nzenza iyoyo,” “Wakatemba,” and “Tsvigiri.”