Is Emmerson Mnangagwa A Changed Man After All?
12 January 2024
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Tinashe Sambiri

In the heart of Zimbabwe, where political tensions echoed through the social media landscape, a covert network named Varakashi tirelessly toiled to craft a carefully curated image of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Desperation fuelled their efforts to depict him as an embodiment of humility amid the turbulent times that gripped the nation…

However, analysts have dismissed the propaganda machinery, attributing its motivation to quelling the relentless turmoil within Zimbabwe.

Varakashi’s mission is clear – paint President Mnangagwa as a down-to-earth leader capable of understanding the struggles of the people.

A particular narrative has emerged, highlighting the President’s choice to travel in Economy class.

The images circulating on social media portraying a man seemingly dismissive of rumors that suggested he uses private planes for his overseas journeys.

The narrative seeks to resonate with the masses, emphasizing a humble leader who opts for simplicity over extravagance.

To reinforce this image, Varakashi cleverly wove biblical verses into their narrative. James 4:6 became their beacon, proclaiming, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

The subtle suggestion is that President Mnangagwa’s humility is with divine favor, a strategy to connect with a deeply religious population.

As the propaganda machine churns out stories of a modest President, Zimbabweans find themselves grappling with the question of whether this portrayal is a genuine reflection or a well-crafted illusion.

Yet, amidst the carefully spun tales, one lingering message stood out: humility, according to the Varakashi narrative, is the antidote to the nation’s woes. Whether the people choose to embrace this narrative or see through the veneer remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, as the propaganda network works tirelessly, a subtle undertone has emerged – a sly suggestion for those who dared to dream.

“Dai uriwe dai uri Dubai for vacation,” it whispered, teasing the possibility of a different reality, one where dreams could be as extravagant as the tales spun in the intricate web of Varakashi’s propaganda.