ZANU PF Celebrates Defeating Its Own CCC Lapdog
17 January 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | In a masterstroke of political strategy, ZANU-PF, under the astute leadership of Secretary-General Dr. Obert Mpofu, is reveling in its successful maneuvering against the CCC-Tshabangu faction, a group seen as its own political creation. This development comes as the party gears up for the upcoming by-elections, turning the tables on the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party, and specifically its offshoot, the CCC-Tshabangu faction.

As the countdown to the February 3 by-elections begins, Dr. Mpofu’s celebrations underscore a well-executed plan by ZANU-PF to undermine and dominate its own brainchild, the CCC-Tshabangu faction. This tactic has been pivotal in setting the stage for the elections, especially in light of ZANU-PF’s significant victory in the last round of by-elections held on December 9, 2023.

graphic: Mpofu and his Tshabangu lapdog

In a tone of strategic pride, Dr. Mpofu stated, “Our celebration is not just about our strength; it’s about the finesse with which we’ve outplayed the CCC-Tshabangu faction. We have skillfully created this scenario to secure all the contested National Assembly seats and to mobilize our supporters effectively.”

The intrigue surrounding the CCC-Tshabangu faction, widely regarded as a chess piece of ZANU-PF, has brought a unique dynamic to the upcoming by-elections. The faction’s emergence, following internal turmoil and controversial decisions by CCC interim party secretary-general Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, is perceived as a strategic move by ZANU-PF to fragment and weaken the opposition, thereby solidifying its dominance in the National Assembly, where it currently holds 184 seats.

Echoing this strategic narrative, ZANU-PF has fielded strong candidates for the contested constituencies, such as Cde Joe Tshuma for Pelandaba-Tshabalala and Cde Washington Zhanda for Goromonzi West. These candidates are instrumental in ZANU-PF’s plan to capitalize on the divide created by the CCC-Tshabangu faction.

Dr. Mpofu’s statement also highlighted the clever orchestration behind the creation of the CCC-Tshabangu faction. “We’ve orchestrated this political drama to showcase our dominance over the CCC-Tshabangu lapdog. ZANU-PF remains the unchallenged guardian of Zimbabwean aspirations,” he confidently proclaimed, reflecting the party’s triumphant mood.

With the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission progressing with election preparations, ZANU-PF’s celebratory anticipation and strategic manipulation of the CCC-Tshabangu faction point towards a party confidently poised to reaffirm and extend its political influence, potentially reshaping Zimbabwe’s political narrative in the process.