Best online casino in South Africa: security and reputation factors
20 January 2024
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It’s safe to say that no one would want to get involved with scammers. That’s why both beginners and more experienced players should pay as much attention as possible to the security of the sites they play on: illegal casinos are dangerous for everyone, as there are no guarantees that your money will actually arrive to your account and your personal information will be stored properly. 

That’s why you should look out not only for a license, but for a few more details when picking Online casino South Africa: Best online casinos for yourself. Here’s some explanation.

User data protection

Most often players’ data leaks cause of hacker attacks. To avoid them, it is necessary to take global precautions such as:

Connection of SSL Certificates;

Saving website backups;

Usage of reliable hosting;

Protection from DDOS attacks (URL filtering, use of hosting resources, special services).

Even though basic users may not be able to find out if the platform uses protection services from its hosting provider, you can make sure the site is secure by seeing the lock in your browser’s search bar and the https:// protocol. Some sites also use geographical access blocking, analyze website logs or use Nginx to change security settings (that’s why people are often unable to access some casinos while using VPN).

Finance security

Any site needs to secure all financial transactions as well, since their users regularly withdraw funds from their accounts or send their money there. The security of money transfers is ensured with the help of:

Using proven payment methods. You can find local bank transfers or transactions from e-wallets, confirmed by double authentication at legal casinos; 

Firewalling applications;

Antivirus protection.

Choosing safe casino

Try to look for trusted sites, paying attention to their reputation. Familiarizing yourself with numerous ratings, reviews from players and experts should help, and most importantly – check out your country’s official lists from regulators of the casinos with a national license. These precautions regarding data and payments do always vary from platform to platform, but the presence of a national license indicates that the site has been properly tested and found safe. 

A good reputation in the form of high positions in the TOP lists, good and neutral comments from users and positive reactions from gambling experts is especially important. 

Randomness of gameplay

It is also worth mentioning that reliable casinos offer content from proven developers. This means that the available slots are working on the basis of a random number generator, as a result of which the winnings are completely dependent on randomness. Because of the RNG, players cannot influence the process in any way, so losing or winning a certain amount depends on luck. RNG-based operation is the basis of fair play, as it is impossible to interfere with the game and pocket the winnings. Choose licensed and well-protected online casinos that store all the information about their safety precautions and antivirus software on their sites.