Mzukuru weMasvingo vs Fungai Maruta, Clash Over Serious COS Fraud Allegations
22 January 2024
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By A Correspondent | Recent online turmoil has been centered around allegations of COS paper fraud, implicating two women: Fungai Maruta, who has admitted to being a witch doctor, and UK-based Beverly Moyo, also known as Mzukuru weMasvingo or Sule.

The saga unfolded when Murandakadzi Nhubu, a South African socialite, was contacted by Tracy, a Ghanaian. Tracy claimed she had been given money by a relative to pay Beverly Moyo (Sule) GBP4700. This transaction was captured on video.

In a subsequent live video, Beverly Moyo lashed out at her audience, upset over her sudden publicity, leading to a dispute with Muchemhere Soko (Fungai Maruta).

In an early Wednesday morning live Facebook broadcast, Beverly Moyo (Muzukuru weMasvingo) confronted Fungai Maruta (Muchembere Soko), accusing her of treachery for revealing sensitive information.

Beverly Moyo, self-identifying as Muzukuru weMasvingo, declared her readiness to face imprisonment, but not alone, alleging mutual involvement in so called benefits fraud with Fungai Maruta as a form of retaliation.

As a former cheque fraud convict, Beverly Moyo (Sule) cited political activist Hopewell Chino’no as a colleague in crime during the late 1990s, expressing resentment over being abandoned by him after they both cashed stolen cheques in her early twenties.

Presently, she is addressing new accusations of fraud related to COS papers, maintaining that her previous cheque fraud offenses should not tarnish her current reputation.

She candidly stated, “I once went to prison… I used to rob banks. I came to the UK to rob banks… who didn’t rob? Who didn’t get arrested?” She criticized those dredging up her 2005 arrests in 2024 and questioned the righteousness of her accusers, mentioning the prevalence of COS fraud.

She said if people like Chin’ono can change their lives, why can’t she also. Chin’ono left UK in 2001 (allegedly) abandoning his friends to arrest and then changed his name upon arrival in Zimbabwe from his father’s surname, Mukusha.

Efforts to secure a statement from Hopewell Chin’ono have been unfruitful. He consistently denies any theft, attributing his wealth to a 1996 GBP50,000 sportscar credit facility, whose sponsor he refuses to name. He has also faced scrutiny for his financial dealings, including a probe by one of his former employers in 2021.

At the time of writing complainants were being urged to come forward with their stories. – ZimEye