Social Media Chadonha “Detective Kedha” Arrested
25 January 2024
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By Crime Reporter – Former police officer known for viral “arrest” videos Tafadzwa Chidawa, popularly known as Detective Kedha on social media, has been arrested on charges of theft, with allegations that he stole a car worth US$12,000 from South Africa and illegally brought it into Zimbabwe.

The arrest comes amid two other pending fraud cases against him.

Chidawa, who gained fame for his viral videos where he targeted and “arrested” alleged thieves in Harare’s central business district (CBD), appeared in court to answer to the charges.

The State claims that in December 2022, Chidawa stole a Toyota Hilux double cab from South Africa and fraudulently registered it with a Zimbabwean license plate (AGE 6745).

He allegedly sold the vehicle to Melody Kufakwemba for US$12,000. However, detectives intercepted the vehicle on January 2, 2023, and discovered the fraudulent registration.

Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had been stolen from South Africa, leading to its impoundment.

In another case, Chidawa is accused of receiving US$8,500 from Kufakwemba for the purchase of a Nissan Caravan but failing to deliver the vehicle.

He reportedly persuaded her to contribute more money for a promised Toyota Hilux, but again, he allegedly did not fulfill his commitment.

Chidawa has been remanded in custody until his bail hearing scheduled for Friday.

The State is represented by Anesu Chirenje.

Notably, Chidawa participated as a ZANU PF candidate in the August 2023 elections for the Warren Park Constituency but was defeated by Shakespeare Hamauswa from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).