Uebert Angel: I Prophesied British Airways Diversion, Though I’ve Failed To Prophesy Al Jazeera’s Undercover Journalists
25 January 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | The disgraced GoldMafia implicated prophet Uebert Angel has announced claims that he prophesied the recent diversion of a British Airways flight.

Angel who’s leading a lobbying campaign on behalf of his Nigerian colleague TB Joshua, says in a clip he uploaded onto his Twitter account:

“So sometimes you ask me, why am I seeing the things I see. I was taken to the UK and a plane and it is making return journey to Britain.

“And there is a signal it is saying it should not land, but oxygen masks are down.

“Don’t panic when you are in there, we have already finished. We finished it in the morning, don’t panic, Don’t panic. They know the British ones know, don’t what? Panic,” concludes Angel.

His clip is followed by a news broadcast appearing to confirm the prophecy. ‘Hello and welcome, a British Airways flight from London to Prague has been forced to return to Heathrow due to a technical issue with reports of fumes being observed in the cockpit. Flight BA854 from Heathrow Airport just before 7:40 am on Sunday had been due to Land in the Czech Capital at 10:05 am.’

Soon after this, a jingle screams out saying this is all “ powered by the Holy Spirit, UEBERT ANGEL. More up to date, for tomorrow’s newspaper.”

Did Angel prophesy? A brief scan of records reveals a high incidence rate of flight diversions back to London which keep happening every year (examples in pictures). Which one of these predictable disruptions does Angel lay claim to?

At the time of writing Angel is still prophesy the James of the undercover journalists who secretly filmed him between 2021 and 2023 as he exposed his boss Emmerson Mnangagwa and various other people over money laundering and gold smuggling. DO YOU THINK UEBERT ANGEL MAKES TRUE PROPHECIES?