Body Follows Head: Hon Matambo Stands With Advocate Nelson Chamisa
27 January 2024
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Goodevening Champions

We have all seen and read the letter from CIC.

I was overwhelmingly voted by you and the Citizens. My loyalty to the Cause remains unquestionable. I believe and trust in the able leadership of President Nelson Chamisa.

The recent resignation of my President comes not as a shock. The Political playing field has not been even since the formation of the Citizen’s movement hence the decision to leave.

Our enemy remains Zanu PF and its surrogates. I’m for the people as I was voted by the people.

The body definitely follows the head Advocate Nelson Chamisa.
As I await guidance from my mentor Advocate Nelson Chamisa let me take this opportunity to inform you that I will follow wherever he goes.
An injury to one is an injury to all.
My motivation remains in a better tomorrow.

A new dawn, The future is Bright.

Hon J Matambo