Chris Mutsvangwa Holds Military-Coup-Gig Press Conference After Toppling Chamisa from CCC | FULL PRINT
27 January 2024
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By A Correspondent | When Chris Mutsvangwa held a presss conference to celebrate the resignation of the legitimate ZANU PF leader, Robert Mugabe in Nov 2017 no one ever thought there would be repeat attacks in future.

The ZANU PF Spokesman is this afternoon running a press conference to celebrate the removal of the CCC party founder, Nelson Chamisa from his own party that he (Chamisa) formed barely 2 years ago after being removed from the MDC Alliance he was president of and with which he has suffered numerous military deployments since 1 August 2018 for the purpose of changing election results so that they reflect a better outcome “than the one which we did in 1980,” in Chris Mutsvangwa’s own words verbatim (video).

In 2020, soldiers were deployed to dispossess Chamisa of his party property, Harvest House.

This time, Mutsvangwa says “we want to protect Biti and Welshman against Chamisa by denying his overtures to strike a deal with President Mnangagwa,” as he announced in Oct last year.

While Mutsvangwa’s agenda was not clear at the time of writing, below was his announcement: