UK Nurse, Sazini Malaba Investigated For Selling Fake Land
27 January 2024
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UK Nurse’s Company Over Alleged Land Sale Fraud**

By A Correspondent | A major investigation is currently unfolding around UK-based nurse Sazini Malaba and her company, Mthwakazi Queens CIC, amid allegations of fraudulent land sales. The focus is on a series of transactions where a group of diaspora investors, primarily women, were promised residential plots on Maxim Hill Farm in 2020. They were each required to pay an average USD 9,375, with the payments directed into the Mthwakazi Queens CIC’s bank account.

Three years since these transactions, the investors are yet to see any fruition of their investments. No land has been supplied, and the group has been voicing their frustrations and concerns over the lack of transparency and progress. The situation is further complicated by the fact that it is illegal to buy or sell agricultural land in Zimbabwe, and in the UK, Malaba’s business operations have raised questions about compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Communication from Malaba and Mthwakazi Queens CIC has been inconsistent and often delayed. The last communication from December 2023 promised updates and a refund process, but there has been no follow-through. Malaba’s refusal to engage with external media inquiries, particularly from ZimEye, and her insistence on communicating only with her direct clients, has added to the investors’ distress.

The handling of this matter, especially Malaba’s abrupt termination of a conversation about her professional responsibilities as a Community Interest Company owner and a nurse, has been seen as indicative of the broader issues at play.

Sazini Malaba

This ongoing case highlights the complexities and potential risks involved in international land investment, particularly when legal and financial regulations span multiple countries. Investors affected by the Mthwakazi Queens CIC’s operations are eagerly awaiting a resolution, as the investigation into the alleged fraudulent practices continues.

Over USD 150,000 has vanished as the company goes under investigation for alleged fraudulent land sales, as described by the government of Zimbabwe. Three years later, with no land delivered and no refunds processed, investors fear their money may never be recovered. Malaba’s engagement in what is considered a fraudulent business by the Zimbabwean government has compounded the seriousness of the situation. In the video below is a collage of statements by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and former war veteraneader Joseph Chinotimba over fraudulent land sales. (Video).


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