BREAKING: Blow To Tshabangu As Mkwananzi Is Announced New CCC President
29 January 2024
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Unprecedented Power Shift in CCC as Spokesman Declares Acting Presidency**

By Dorrothy Moyo | In an unexpected and dramatic development within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), the party’s spokesman, Mr. Promise Mkwananzi, has declared himself the acting president. This bold move comes after the sudden resignation of Nelson Chamisa, the charismatic leader of the CCC, last week.

The announcement was made through a formal letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament, marking a significant turn in the party’s internal dynamics. The letter, which has become a topic of intense discussion, states: “Following the resignation of our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, this letter serves to notify you that the party has resolved that party spokesperson Mr. Promise Mkwananzi takes charge of the Party on an acting capacity until the conduction of congress in due course. This is a position agreed to by all key organs of the party. Accordingly, your esteemed offices are kindly requested to make all correspondence with and from the party through Mr. Promise Mkwananzi.”

This declaration by Mr. Mkwananzi is not just a claim of interim leadership but also an assertion of his control over the party’s communications and strategic direction. It signifies a surprising shift in power and is perceived as a preemptive move against a rival faction within the party, which is expected to announce Chamisa’s successor on Tuesday.

Nelson Chamisa’s departure had left a power vacuum in the CCC. The spokesman’s sudden claim to the presidency has added to the turbulence, raising questions about the future course of the party.

Political analysts are keenly observing the situation, noting the significant impact Chamisa had on the party and the political landscape at large. The spokesperson’s self-appointment as acting president, backed by key party organs, indicates a possible realignment of power structures within the CCC.

As the rival faction gears up to announce a new leader, the CCC stands at a pivotal point in its history. The response from other party members, supporters, and the general public to this unexpected development is yet to unfold.

The upcoming days are crucial for the CCC as it navigates this complex and rapidly evolving political scenario. The implications of these internal shifts are significant, not just for the party but also for the broader political dynamics in the region.