CCC Wants Tshabangu Out & Chamisa Back
30 January 2024
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By Political Reporter- The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is meeting to agree on how to approach the former party leader, Nelson Chamisa, to come back and the fate of Sengeso Tshabangu.

The meeting is expected to address the party’s future trajectory following Chamisa’s last Thursday dramatic exit, alleging Zanu PF interference.

The CCC has been in disarray since Chamisa’s departure, with one faction rallying behind him and the other supporting Tshabangu. The meeting, shrouded in uncertainty, is anticipated to be a battleground for these rival factions.
While the exact agenda remains undisclosed, CCC legislators aligned with Chamisa expressed their commitment to resisting what they perceive as an attempt to hijack the opposition party. Promise Mkwananzi, CCC’s national spokesperson, promised a comprehensive statement today, rejecting resolutions made at a prior meeting in Gweru.
Caston Matewu, co-spokesperson for the faction meeting in Gweru, indicated their resolve to engage Chamisa to reclaim his position as party president. He asserted their allegiance to CCC, vehemently opposing any characterization of their stance as support for Tshabangu.
In case talks with Chamisa prove futile, Matewu affirmed their intention to proceed to congress for the election of a new leader, emphasizing CCC’s rejection of Tshabangu’s claim to the secretary-general role. A meeting scheduled for today in Harare aims to chart a course forward for the party, with plans to address the media afterward.
The aftermath of Chamisa’s departure has led to a dilemma for some CCC legislators, with Mt Pleasant MP Fadzayi Mahere resigning from the National Assembly. Others, such as Norton legislator Richard Tsvangirai, have chosen to stay in Parliament while expressing solidarity with Chamisa. The confusion intensified as Tshabangu announced the formation of a national standing committee, introducing new spokespersons despite disapproval from CCC officials.
Mkwananzi dismissed the newly appointed spokespersons, emphasizing that CCC decisions are made by the citizens’ national assembly and not an unauthorized standing committee. He urged patience among CCC members and supporters until formal communication about the party’s direction is issued.
Analysts weigh in on the situation, suggesting that most CCC MPs may remain in Parliament, prioritizing loyalty to constituents over a leader without a clear plan. Political analyst Stephen Chan believes opposition to authoritarianism is best pursued within Parliament.
Rashweat Mukundu emphasized that Chamisa did not instruct anyone to leave Parliament, and the confusion stemmed from unwarranted social media hype. He argued that CCC MPs’ contribution to the politically charged and allegedly compromised Parliament would be limited.
As CCC grapples with internal strife, the National Citizens Assembly is poised to be a pivotal moment determining the party’s course. Newsday reported on the escalating tensions within CCC.