Timba To Lead Chamisa Come-Back Negotiations
31 January 2024
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By Political Correspondent – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has appointed an administrative committee that would steer the party while negotiating the return of Nelson Chamisa.

Jameson Timba has been appointed to chair the committee, which comprises other senior party members like Lesley Mkurazhizha, Ralf Magunje, Gideon Shoko, David Chimini, Prince Dubeko-Sibanda, Morgan Ncube, Gondongwe, Susan Matsunaga, Josiah Makombe, and Maggie Chakabuda.

A faction aligned with Chamisa announced Tuesday.

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi asserted their determination not to surrender the party to Sengezo Tshabangu.

“In that regard, the CNA resolved never to surrender the struggle to Zanu PF and its cronies and will do everything possible to defend the people’s struggle and citizens’ interests, including court cases, illegal recalls and impostors, political arrests, the position of our deployees in councils and Parliament, shrinking democratic space, economic challenges, illegitimacy, and many others,” Mkwananzi stated.