WestProp Housing Project Changes Face Of Harare
1 February 2024
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By Business Reporter- The introduction of penthouses by WestProp Holdings is changing the property landscape in Harare, which for decades had a limited stock of luxury dwellings.

Existing penthouses are in the avenues along the Tongogara Avenue area, but WestProp is spreading the properties at all its development sites, giving customers a choice of location and an option to assist in the design – customer taste.

Last year, WestProp CEO Mr Ken Sharpe announced the game-changing development amid a lot of excitement from a market that has long been deprived of the luxuries and exclusivity associated with penthouses.

Construction of the initial set of penthouses is underway at Millennium Heights, situated on block 4, popularly known as the ED block. Subsequent phases of similar housing designs featuring penthouses are scheduled for development on blocks 5 to 8.

The next exciting development to comprise penthouses will be The Hills Golf Lifestyle Estate and the Pomona City Estate Phase 3 & 4 – A city within a city.

Many Zimbabweans were opting to invest in penthouses in South Africa, Dubai and parts of Asia and Europe. Still, with the availability of premium housing units – the trend is set to change with more Zimbabweans buying the properties locally.

“We scanned the local market and discovered the massive demand for penthouses. We also listened to our growing customer base that requires a change in lifestyle.
“We then decided to follow the market desires,” said Mr Sharpe.

The penthouses bring the much-needed flair to the growing property market, which now feeds on exclusivity and luxury lifestyles.

The signature penthouses are an affirmation of wealth as the units denote “arrival”. They are usually perched on the top floor with the best views, described by Mr Sharpe as “owning the clouds and witnessing daily sunrises and sunsets in unparalleled privacy.

The advantages of penthouses on ED block to customers provide the customer with the first opportunity to own a penthouse in the tallest residential building in the northern suburbs with panoramic views.

The ED block has vertically integrated gardens with spacious balconies/verandas which can be used as entertainment areas.