Mzembi Says Chamisa Has Age On His Side Which ED Doesn’t Have
2 February 2024
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By Walter Mzembi| Chamisa @nelsonchamisa has unconditional support from a very significant constituency of Zimbabweans, which is in a permanent mode of defiance , according to that constituency he can do no wrong & even if the wrongs are self evident they are willing to gloss over it & forgive him after all he is 46 ! When you were 46 what decisions were you making ? Were they wisdom based decisions or lack thereof?

Most people at 46 were crashing their first marriages or going through some midlife crisis of sorts only to stabilise in their 50s. So Zimbabweans will follow him anywhere including to the Movement he is proposing . Voting for someone is a covenant , it is an energy that you cannot destroy through politics, its spiritual .

A sustainable solution to our broken down politics is engagement. You are not engaging Chamisa per se , you are engaging this constituency . So long and short of it this young man has got time , come to think of it Mugabe became Prime Minister at 57 , Chamisa has 10 years to perfect his art , imagine what is 10 years going to do to the guys in charge that are haunting all of us now !

This brings me to some list doing the rounds that purport to place me as Foreign Affairs Secretary in some Opposition outfit , i mean why would the authors of this incredulous list box me in a portfolio that i last served under #RGM ?

Takapedza zvemaPortfolio izvo , tirikutodavo panyanga ipapo !