Leaker Of Mnangagwa’s Coup-Secrets Helping Chamisa, Mutsvangwa Fired
3 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | Emmerson Mnangagwa has fired ZANU PF Spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa from his ministerial job, soon after his latest leaks in Jan 2024 (on illegal overthrowal of elected govts led by Nelson Chamisa at their inception) – how ZANU PF plans to further sabotage Mnangagwa’s rival, Chamisa using the state security and prosecutory apparatus, months after the @SADC_News condemned 2023 elections. Mutsvangwa’s removal comes despite the fact that he has been repeatedly leaking govt overthrowal secrets to Chamisa before and after every election in the 6 year period since 2017.

When he made the first leak on 15 Dec 2017, Mnangagwa himself was present as Mutsvangwa announced that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces would be used to change the 2018 election results, and between May and July 2023, he was very clear saying that the state security has been overthrowing elected govts at their inception since 2008.- ZimEye.