Strategic Mining: A Profitable Approach for Long-Term Success, Treat Mining as a Business Investment
3 February 2024
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Approach mining as you would a business—invest strategically for long-term and sustainable profits. Create a small informal business plan, listing necessary items with exact values. Monitor expenses closely, identify a claim nearby, and refrain from distant investments. Expanding your investment scope ensures comprehensive oversight of all final production activities by month-end.

Your Presence Matters: Gold, a currency in its raw form, requires no purification.

In Zimbabwe, gold nuggets ranging from 5 points to 10 kg exist, but your absence jeopardizes your ability to witness or account for production financed with your own money. Be present from day one, thoroughly study the operations, and understand all risks and rewards. Family members may pose risks, as many gold-related thefts involve relatives, often children. Guard production ends vigilantly, leaving nothing to chance.

Prudent Monitoring to Avoid Overspending:

Minimize unnecessary travel for monitoring by spending at least 6 hours a day at the mine if possible. Public transport suffices for most trips, and avoid hiring transportation unless essential. If opting for a car, adjust your investment scope accordingly. Remember that prosperous days in gold mining should prompt wise planning and the creation of robust backups for future uncertainties.

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