Witchcraft Fears As ‘Giant Crabs’ Invade Harare CBD | Kwayedza
4 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | The state owned Kwayedza paper reports how in the heart of Harare, amidst a tar-covered waterway devoid of any water, a peculiar sight has emerged. A woman employed by the Harare council reported encountering an insect typically found in abundant water bodies like seas or lakes.

There have been whispers of ‘giant prawns’ sighted along George Silundika Street near the shops. Crowds have flocked to witness these marvels, with some attributing their presence to poverty, suggesting that these insects are commonly utilized by businessmen and may have ended up here after being discarded.

Others believe these occurrences are the work of women engaged in traditional magic practices. When Kwayedza arrived on the scene, the smaller creature had been crushed to death, yet the larger one was still alive.

Rudzi rwedu rwakaita sei runongotya zvese zvese, ruchimhanyira kufungira huroyi? These are called giant prawns that are very nutritious. They are imported alive by hotels, and sometimes the find their way into water bodies from those hotels and they multiply very fast. There is nothing witchcraft about that. Actually, those who do fish farming should be encouraged to farm these because they are very expensive a sort after in so top of the range hotels. Very nutritious indeed.

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