Coltart Declares Decision Not to Resign Amid Political Turmoil
5 February 2024
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By A Correspondent| In a significant development following the resignation of Nelson Chamisa as President of the CCC (Citizens Coalition for Change) and from the party itself, Bulawayo Mayor, Councilor David Coltart, has announced his decision not to resign from his position.

Coltart’s decision comes after what he said was careful consideration and extensive consultations with various stakeholders, particularly in Bulawayo.

In a statement released today, Coltart acknowledged the overwhelming response from the public, urging him to remain in office despite the political upheaval.

“The overwhelming response, particularly from the Bulawayo public, has been to remain in office.

“I have also been written to by people I deeply respect, some of whom have been involved in the struggle to bring democracy and freedom to Zimbabwe for over 6 decades, asking me not to resign.

“These are people who have fought consistently during their entire lives for freedom and I take their views exceptionally seriously,” said Coltart.

He highlighted the unique challenges faced by Bulawayo, including a critical water shortage, and emphasized his commitment to ongoing initiatives aimed at addressing the city’s crises.

Coltart revealed that respected individuals, some with over six decades of dedication to the struggle for democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe, had urged him not to resign.

He also mentioned that Nelson Chamisa, upon his resignation, had encouraged him to continue the important work he has been doing.

The mayor expressed his concern that resigning at this crucial juncture could potentially undermine initiatives aimed at stabilizing and developing Bulawayo, allowing ZANU PF to gain more influence in the city.

He drew parallels between the current situation and historical instances where individuals standing against powerful forces have played a crucial role in upholding democratic values.

Addressing speculation, Mayor Coltart clarified that his decision was not a sign of hostility toward Nelson Chamisa or a pursuit of personal gain.

He reiterated his commitment to the collective strategy to bring about a new democratic Zimbabwe.

In a surprising revelation, Coltart emphasized that his monthly allowance as Mayor of Bulawayo is only US$25, debunking any suggestions that financial gain influenced his decision.

He shared the irony that resigning would, in fact, be in his personal interest as it would provide relief from the immense challenges faced in his dual roles as Senior Partner of his law firm and Mayor of Bulawayo.

In conclusion, Mayor Coltart declared his decision to remain in office, expressing a willingness to see out his full 5-year term, despite being conscious of the possibility of being recalled at any time.

He emphasized his commitment to the residents of Bulawayo and his unwillingness to betray their trust by resigning.