Seh Calaz Affirms Allegiance to ZANU PF
5 February 2024
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Zimbabwean musician Seh Calaz, born Tawanda Mumanyi, recently found himself embroiled in political controversy after statements regarding his political affiliations surfaced.

In a candid response to reports linking him to the opposition, Seh Calaz clarified his stance, asserting that he does not support any opposition political party.

The controversy escalated when controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo reportedly withdrew his pledge to buy Seh Calaz a car, citing the musician’s perceived support for Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a prominent figure in the opposition.

Analysts have speculated that Seh Calaz may have succumbed to pressure from the ruling party, ZANU PF.

In a statement addressing the situation, Seh Calaz, also known as Sir Wicknell, refuted claims of opposition support. He emphasized his identity as Tawanda Mumanyi, acknowledging the positive upbringing he received in Zimbabwe.

Seh Calaz clarified that his political stance is not a result of personal preferences but rather a reflection of the complex dynamics within the entertainment industry.

The musician acknowledged the commonality among artists, both upcoming and renowned, to align themselves with public sentiments.

He highlighted the misconception that his political views were aligned with a particular side, emphasizing that he understands the diverse perspectives held by many.

Seh Calaz revealed his reluctance to speak on political matters, not out of a lack of interest but to avoid misconceptions.

He acknowledged his past involvement in ZANU PF activities, including performing at rallies and wearing party regalia.

He attributed these actions to familial ties, stating that his late mother was a ZANU PF Provincial member, and he had been influenced by the party from an early age.

While recognizing that certain developments, such as infrastructure projects, were positive, Seh Calaz asserted that he had not attended opposition events out of loyalty to ZANU PF.

He expressed disagreement with the perception that he is critical of the ruling party, emphasizing his continued support for ZANU PF.

Seh Calaz urged the public to recognize his allegiance to ZANU PF and assured them that his commitment to the ruling party remains unwavering.

The musician reiterated his support for President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and proclaimed,

“PAMBERI NE ZANU PF! Pamberi na PRESIDENT His Excellence CDE Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa! Nyika Inovakwa Nevenevayo!”