The Downfall Of Chris Mutsvangwa: More Details Emerge
5 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- In the aftermath of War Veterans Minister and Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa’s sudden dismissal, additional information sheds light on the reasons behind his fall from grace.

Former colleague Walter Mzembi, a one-time cabinet minister under the late President Robert Mugabe, revealed that Mutsvangwa faced a similar fate under Mugabe due to his arrogance.

George Charamba, Deputy Chief Secretary of Presidential Communications in the Office of the President and Cabinet, officially announced Mutsvangwa’s removal on January 3, 2024, without specifying the grounds for dismissal.

Mzembi responded to Mutsvangwa’s ousting, citing his perceived ungovernability and refusal to submit to authority as the primary reasons.

According to Mzembi, Mutsvangwa’s confrontational behaviour within Cabinet led to clashes with Mugabe, with then-Vice President Mnangagwa being the only one capable of silencing him.

Mzembi recounted instances where Mugabe had to assert his authority forcefully, only to have Mutsvangwa leave in protest.

Mutsvangwa’s disagreements often revolved around his strong stance on Chinese investments, impairing his judgment and causing disharmony within the Cabinet.

Mzembi questioned whether the current ministers could withstand Mutsvangwa’s behaviour without seeking Mnangagwa’s protection.

In 2018, Mnangagwa left Mutsvangwa out of his Cabinet lineup due to concerns about potential disharmony, appointing him as a Special Advisor instead.

Mzembi highlighted Mutsvangwa’s intrusive behaviour at his last press conference, where he declared his ambitions, further sealing his fate.

The former colleague criticised Mutsvangwa’s dismissal as popular within Zanu PF ranks and government circles.