Thousands At Chamisa Project Harare Meeting
8 February 2024
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By Political Reporter – Thousands of people flocked to a meeting in Harare on Thursday organized by Nelson Chamisa’s dedicated team, signalling widespread support for his upcoming political venture.

Gift Ostallos Siziba, a prominent figure in Chamisa’s inner circle and a key organizer of the meetings shared captivating images on his social media platforms, showcasing the massive turnout in the heart of Harare. 

The pictures depict an assembly of hundreds of thousands of individuals, underscoring the significance of Chamisa’s political influence.

Siziba, who recently led Chamisa’s team in Manicaland for a similar project, addressed supporters in Mutare last week, outlining their plans.

 He articulated a vision for transformation, stating, “The struggle (for freedom) has taken long because of power-hungry individuals. We must focus on transforming the lives of every Zimbabwean, and Chamisa is the only person who can bring about that transformation.”

Assuring the crowd of Chamisa’s unwavering commitment to positive change, Siziba accused ZANU PF of manipulating Sengezo Tshabangu, the CCC’s disputed interim secretary-general, to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

 Tshabangu’s recall of several CCC members reportedly contributed to ZANU PF’s success in subsequent by-elections.

In response to former Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s claim of being CCC vice president, Siziba clarified that such a position only existed in the MDC, where Biti served as VP. 

He highlighted Chamisa’s decision to centralize power within his office ahead of the 2023 elections, dissolving CCC structures in the process.

Chamisa, advocating for a political movement rather than a traditional party, aims to draw on insights from various political entities, including ZANU PF, to challenge the ruling party effectively. 

Despite skepticism surrounding Chamisa’s chances, Siziba acknowledged the arduous nature of the struggle, urging critics to delve into history, understand the challenges faced, and emphasize the need for persistence until victory is achieved.

For more updates, visit Siziba’s Twitter account: link to the tweet.