Seh Calaz Praises Mnangagwa After Receiving Brand New Car From Chivayo
10 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

Popular musician Seh Calaz, also known as Tawanda Mumanyi, is overjoyed after receiving a brand new motor vehicle from controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Seh Calaz had previously expressed his support for Zanu PF and even publicly appealed to Chivayo for a new car.Observers have criticized Seh Calaz, suggesting that he compromised his principles in exchange for the car.

In a statement, Seh Calaz expressed his gratitude, saying, “Sir Wicknell, my dream Jagwa, which I posted four years ago, has finally become a reality. I believe that what I cannot afford, God will provide for me. I am truly grateful for this generous gift from Exquisite Cars Dealership. From a full tank of fuel to regular servicing, everything is taken care of. I used to doubt my ability as a brand ambassador, but now I see that I can market anything by the grace of God and the support of the people.”

He also thanked his supporters for standing by him, especially during recent controversies surrounding his political affiliations.

Seh Calaz clarified that while he supports Zanu PF, his allegiance is his personal choice, and he respects others’ freedom to choose differently.

He concluded his statement with words of appreciation for his fans and a message of unity, urging everyone to focus on positive values and togetherness…

“Tava kukohwa zvatakarimaa,tava kusimudzirwawo isu vechidiki Zvichitwa ne Second Republic ichitungamirirwa na Baba Munangangwa.

Mukurwiswa imi mamira na Tawanda .
Muvayeuchidze kuti Kubhutsura Datya Kuriyambutsaa,vane godo ne ruvengo nesu vataurirei kuti ngoma ndiyo ndiyo Asvotwa Ngarutsee.


Ndisiyeindiende. “