Sikhala Dumps Chamisa, Commits Political Suicide
10 February 2024
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By Political Reporter – Former Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala Thursday committed political suicide by dumping his longtime comrade and former Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, in his expressions of gratitude for those who supported him during his imprisonment.

The notable omission occurred during Sikhala’s press conference in Harare, where he not only distanced himself from the CCC but also unveiled his ambitious new political initiative, showcasing remarkable courage against the oppressive Zanu PF government.

Chamisa is the most popular politician and the country’s only alternative leader.

Brandishing the CCC as a “carcass,” Sikhala declared his departure, asserting that relying on the CCC as a catalyst for democratic change in Zimbabwe was futile.

During the press conference, Sikhala emphasized the importance of a people-driven movement, declaring:
“The mass democratic struggle is people-driven and owned. Every successful struggle in the world has thrived when the people have claimed ownership. Regardless of my personal involvement, considering the persistent threats to my life by unidentified enemies, this process must continue unhindered. Whether we have resources or not, the people must spearhead this crucial phase in our history—the people’s struggle against tyranny for freedom, dignity, and prosperity.”

While extending well wishes to those opting to remain with the CCC “carcass,” Sikhala acknowledged their democratic right, underscoring the urgency for the people to assume control in the impending critical phase of Zimbabwe’s struggle against tyranny.

Sikhala’s announcement closely follows Nelson Chamisa’s recent departure from the CCC, who attributed his exit to alleged ZANU PF infiltration just two weeks ago.

Having spent an astonishing 595 days in pre-trial detention on charges of inciting public violence, Sikhala, recently released, now faces another legal battle.

On Wednesday, Harare Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka convicted him of publishing falsehoods prejudicial to the state. The court is slated to deliver its sentence on 16 February, further complicating Sikhala’s unwavering commitment to Zimbabwe’s democratic evolution.