Chamisa Unstoppable!
12 February 2024
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By Tinashe Sambiri

Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a prominent opposition figure in Zimbabwe, has announced the formation of a new movement after his departure from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). With his latest endeavor, Chamisa is sparking a new wave of enthusiasm and engagement across the Midlands province.

In a recent statement, Gift Ostallos Siziba, a representative of Chamisa’s new movement, expressed the group’s commitment to engaging with the citizens of Midlands province.

Siziba declared, “We have arrived in Midlands province to converse with fellow Citizens. ‘Pana Chamisa hatibvi’ pronounce Citizens as they await the Alternative.”

This declaration underscores the belief in Chamisa’s leadership and the anticipation surrounding the new movement among the people of Midlands.

President Nelson Chamisa continues to hold a prominent position as Zimbabwe’s foremost political advocate, with his efforts resonating strongly with supporters across the nation.

The launch of this new movement signifies a fresh chapter in Zimbabwean politics, promising alternative perspectives and approaches to addressing the country’s challenges.

As Chamisa’s movement gains traction in Midlands and beyond, supporters and observers eagerly await the developments and initiatives that will emerge under his leadership.

The enthusiasm and gratitude expressed by Midlands residents highlight the significance of Chamisa’s presence and vision in shaping the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

With Chamisa at the helm, Midlands and the nation at large are poised for a new era of political discourse and action.

As the movement unfolds, its impact is expected to reverberate across Zimbabwe, influencing discussions, policies, and aspirations for a better future.