MJOLO BLAME: Women In Court After Viral Assault Video
12 February 2024
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In a shocking incident that has sparked widespread outrage on social media, five women from Hatcliffe Extension, Harare, have appeared in court over the weekend, facing assault charges. The group, identified as Zelpa Kanduza, Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo, Olleyn Vinyungwi, and their accomplice Mitchel Kariwo, were charged with assaulting Alice Chaichai, 32, whom they accused of having an affair with Zelpa’s husband.

The disturbing episode unfolded on February 1, around 1pm at stand number 4088 Hatcliffe Extension, Harare. According to prosecutor Ms. Grace Mugocheke, the accused persons sought out Chaichai, confronting her with allegations of an affair. Despite Chaichai’s denial, the situation quickly escalated as she was forcibly dragged out of her house by her braids, subjected to a brutal beating, and undressed by the group, leaving her unconscious and severely injured.

The court heard that the accused took turns punching and kicking Chaichai, stripping her of her clothes in a humiliating assault that was eventually halted by the intervention of a well-wisher. The victim sustained serious injuries, including an eye injury and bruises on her legs, requiring hospital admission.

The first of the accused, Mitchel Kariwo, was apprehended and brought before magistrate Mr. Dennis Mangosi on Friday, while the others appeared before magistrate Ms. Evelyn Mashavakure and were remanded in custody pending a bail application.