Mnangagwa Associate Steals Pfumbudza Farming Inputs
13 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

A councillor from Ward 6 in Mazowe found himself in court yesterday facing charges of allegedly stealing 100 bags of fertilizer designated for distribution to villagers under the Presidential Inputs Scheme (Pfumvudza).

Councillor Shamie Sande (51) stands accused alongside Tachiona Sorotiya (45), the Zanu PF chairperson for Gonhi district in Mazowe North constituency.Concession Magistrate Mrs. Charity Maunga remanded the pair in custody until March 13.

According to the prosecution led by Mr. Tafirenyika, the alleged incident occurred on January 12, 2024, when Ward 6 received a consignment of 600 50kg bags of urea fertilizer from GMB Nzvimbo depot for distribution to villagers.

Sande purportedly received and signed for the consignment using dispatch vouchers 18709, 18711, and 18712, totaling 12.5 tonnes and 5 tonnes, respectively.

Subsequently, Sande allegedly instructed Sorotiya, his secretary, to distribute 500 50kg bags of fertilizer to villagers in ward 6, while leaving behind 100 bags at GMB Nzvimbo depot for collection the following day.

The state alleges that on January 13, around 1630hrs, Sorotiya went to the GMB depot to collect the remaining 100 bags using Ernest Musora’s Mitsubishi Canter truck registration number AAX 9418.

After collecting the bags, Sande purportedly directed Sorotiya to divert the fertilizer to Nzvimbo Growth Point, where it was shared among several individuals.

Sande is accused of receiving 20 50kg bags, Sorotiya 18, Stanley Mutizwa 16, Namatirayi Mabharani 2, Ernest Musora 4, and Paul Chisambira 4.

Charles Mtetwa, Paul Chisambiro, and Memory Chamika allegedly received 35 bags each.

The matter came to light on February 8, when an anonymous caller informed Tsungai Makumbe, the Member of Parliament for Mazowe North, who is also the complainant in the case.

Police at Chombira launched an investigation, leading to the arrest of the accused who failed to account for the stolen bags valued at US$4,600, which have not been recovered to date.