Opposition Party Writes To SADC Demanding Fresh Polls
13 February 2024
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By A Correspondent| An opposition party by the name People’s Patriotic Front has written to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) demanding fresh elections in Zimbabwe.

In its letter dated 12 February 2024, PPF leader Zvaringeni Samuel Chasi said the 23 August 2023 harmonised elections were not conducted in accordance with the Electoral Act or the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“Standards to Principles and Guidelines Governing to Democratic Elections from SADC, AU and UN which Zimbabwe is a full member state were not adhered,” Chasi said.

He called on the United Nations to hold an extraordinary session to nullify the 2023 elections.

“United Nations Security Council must hold virtual extra -ordinary session and nullify the events of 23-24 August 2023 Fraudulent Elections, in uniformity with Southern African Development Community and African Union,” Chasi added.

He poured cold water on the calls for dialogue saying it does not work in Zimbabwe saying a neutral venue outside the country would work better as citizens are living in fear of the ruling party.

“Dialogue does not work in Zimbabwe, all processes in preparatory of Fresh Elections must be conducted outside of Zimbabwe as the case of 1979 Lancaster House Agreements, for a neutral and free environment without victimization. Citizens shall not be drawn to battle lines of theatricality and deception of ZanuPf succession rivalry for any potential GNUs or Transitions.

“The political crisis must be resolved with urgency and without partiality, its millions of lives at stake we talking about with bottled citizens on promenade. Zimbabwe is undergoing economic meltdown with majority of citizens being exploited by the regime. We taking democratic routes in the quest for our freedoms as peaceful citizens. We Demand for Free and Fair elections into be Held in Zimbabwe by June 2024 and totally reject the outcome of results which were announced by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,” said Chasi.