Sikhala Ready To Take On Emmerson Mnangagwa?
13 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

Zimbabwean opposition figure, Job Sikhala, has reiterated his unwavering commitment to liberating Zimbabwe from what he describes as the oppressive grip of Zanu PF.

Despite facing widespread criticism, Sikhala remains resolute, declaring that he will soon unveil a definitive plan for progress.

In a recent statement delivered in Mutare, Sikhala expressed gratitude to the people of Mutare, whom he hailed as champions of change.

He assured them that significant strides toward real change, beneficial to all citizens, are imminent.

Sikhala dismissed the tactics employed by what he termed as “big brothers on paper,” asserting that they offer nothing substantial to the nation.

Highlighting his personal journey, Sikhala emphasized his resilience and determination, citing his experience of walking barefoot for 20 kilometers daily from Zaka to Mazungunye Secondary School, despite the dangers posed by the crocodile-infested Siya Dam.

This challenging upbringing, he claims, has forged him into a formidable force.

He sees his mission as a calling to ensure the freedom of all Zimbabweans.